7/16/13 Siamese Sundown to Release new single Got It Bad.

The wait is finally over! The band is releasing their new single Got It Bad. It will be available for download August 27, 2013 on iTunes and various other media sites. You can also get a download card worth 1 song and get the single for free at our release show 8/31/2013.....Siamese Sundown's debut single Shake is also being released. Will hit stores on August 20, 2013. Both songs courtesy of Soundmine Musicworks and Orchard....sweet deal

12/13/12 Siamese Sundown to Record Single with Dan Malsch in February.

Siamese Sundown is heading into the studio on February 2-3 to record a single with Dan Malsch of Soundmine Recording Studios. Dan recorded their debut self-titled EP as well as the "Shake" single of 2011. Stay tuned for the song choice that will be recorded.